DLF Privana North in Sector 76 captures the essence of the Aravalli Hills.

Step into the charm of Sector 76 with DLF Privana North! It’s not just a residential space; it’s a whole new way of life. Imagine elegant homes with all the modern comforts right at your fingertips. From lush amenities to a peaceful environment, this place has it all. DLF Privana isn’t just a home; it’s a community where every corner tells a story of modern living and comfort.”

Let’S Catch the wibe of DLF PHASE 6 at location sector 76

“DLF Phase 6 is gearing up to be a top-notch spot at sector 76 Gurgaon. It’s not just any location; it’s where big companies like Google, American Expressway, Suzuki, Indian Airlines, Tata, and more are set to thrive. This place won’t just have offices; there’ll be homes too. It’s shaping up to be a prime area, so why wait? Register now to be part of this exciting space.”

Let’s Meet to Cyber city 2 at sector 76

“Cyber City Gurugram spans across 125 acres and is a renowned commercial hub with over 15 million square feet of space for retail and business. Additionally, we’re planning to develop Cyber City 2 in Sector 76 & 77, and we have an 800-acre land parcel at SPR where we’re envisioning multiple projects, similar to DLF Cyber City. This could be a defining moment for DLF in the real estate market. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to register for DLF Privana North at Sector 76.”

Air india at sector 75 – buzzing the location of SPR

In Sector 75 Gurugram, Air India, which will be under the Tata Group from January 2022, has bagged a large commercial property of 6.2 lakh sq ft at E-Novation Center. They leased Innovative Techno Park Pvt Ltd from the lessor. Blocks B, C and E with an area of 3.61 lakh sq ft for 21 years. an average of 43.29 million euros per year. The lease started with a monthly rent of ₹2.40 with a deposit of ₹14.40. Additionally, stamp duty of 3.89 crore was levied on this industrial east transaction.

When it comes to Gurgaon’s SPR progress, the spotlight is on DLF Privana North in Sector 76. The buzz? Well, India’s big-league multinational brands are eyeing this area, sparking quite a bit of interest. Imagine yourself diving into this project—what kind of return could you expect on your investment (ROI)? Whether you’re in for a quick turnaround or playing the long game, people are anticipating a rise in value. This project seems set to become iconic for homeowners, especially with the vast 10,000-acre Aravalli expanse nearby. Just imagine waking up to the sight of a lush green vista through your balcony window—that’s the standout feature of DLF Privana North in Sector 76.